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Regarding Phantom 4 Music

I have worked with Kim Antoine from Phantom 4 Music over a number of years now, yet I never cease to be amazed at the quality of service at anytime of night or day, or the unbelievably top level catalogue of music they always have at hand.

Phantom 4 don’t just deliver; they do it with optimum speed, true professionalism, and with an uncanny foresight of exactly what is needed for whichever artist or project you maybe searching for.

The legal aspects e.g.: sync licensing etc, is always taken care of immediately as are the contractual issues between artist, writer and publisher.

I would always highly recommend Phantom 4 to anyone searching for music in anyway shape or form.

I can truly say without any hesitation, forget the rest and take the best.

Erika Lee
Lee and Co Music

Get Ripped Music, London, England

When management needs a supply infrastructure, a source of current and original material, Phantom 4 Music will create bespoke choices. When you’re tired of listening to song after song of irrelevant material, Phantom 4 Music will be your filter. When you have decided that actually you are too busy to check out every track, let Phantom 4 Music be your business support.

A network of real people, making realistic choices… Phantom 4 Music, your first choice!

Cheers Kim; keep up the great work!

Richard Hannan
Get Ripped Music Ltd